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Realise the power of private practise

Fact: We can assist you in building a successful practice

Fact: A website and a high ranking with search engines will lead to new business

Fact: Physio123 will help you to grow your business while you are treating patients

Fact: If you do not have a website, patients cannot find you

Fact: You will be more than happy with our free 6 month trial and our no contracts policy.

Your website can give you huge advantages over your competition.
  • Make your physiotherapy practice stand out above the rest.
  • Generate more business by word-of-mouth.
  • Ease the fear’s of your patients by making them feel welcome before they have even stepped foot into your clinic.
Consumers now turn to the internet when they need information to make a decision. Your website should have a positive impact on potential patients and Physio123 can build your site to do that.

Nothing but the best!

If you provide the best treatments to your patients then you will need a website that reflects this. Physio123 provides all of this:
  • Completely Custom designed website
  • User friendly website that will allow visitors the opportunity to access all of the information they need quickly and easily. Physio123 ensures that their websites are not only easy to navigate, but they are also optimised for every type of monitor size out there.
  • Have a look at our portfolio

Get it all now

  • Our website development process is completely streamlined so you can get it all within a few weeks.
  • You only need to provide us with a few bits of information and we will get going.
  • Do you like the sound of our 6 month free trial? You can use our services for 6 monts and we won't charge you a cent fo it.

A website generates business

  • Referring patients, consultants, doctors, solicitors and other physiotherapists.
  • Showcase your services, your clinic and your staff.
  • Providing the perfect impression of your clinic to potential clients.

Offline promotions of your practice

  • Post the name of your domain in listings such as the Yellow Pages.
  • Add your domain name onto business cards, treatment pads, letterheads etc.
  • Add your domain name onto printed ads.
  • Add your domain name onto the uniforms of your staff and the signage of your clinic.
  • Whenever you list your contact details, make sure you include your domain name.

Patients prefer to contact a practice that have an online presence

Browsing through a website is simple and it is a lot less stressful than calling a practice to find out what they have to offer you.
  • Generate more referrals with a website
  • Highlight he unique services that you have to offer
  • Showcase your staff
  • Share your stories of success
  • Increase your credibility
  • Exceed the expectations of your clients

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