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From Employee to Practitioner

Physiotherapists choose to open their own private practice at different phases in their careers. If this is something you are considering then you will need to ensure that you plan properly and prepare yourself for many new experiences.

There are many physiotherapists that choose to open their private practice while they are still employed in a full time position. This is usually the best option, even though it will take a lot of hard work in the beginning, since it will allow you the peace of mind that comes with receiving a set monthly salary while you are trying to make it on your own. While you are working full time you can build a base of clients. Once you are satisfied with the amount that you are generating from your private practice you can quit your full time position.

Start out part-time

For practioners wishing to start private work part-time, Physio123 recommend practioners take advantage of our 6 month free trial. This will allow you to experience working privately knowing that you have the support of Physio123 to help generate more patient referrals.

Physio123 recommends that you negotiate your working week with your employer so that you have more flexible time to work on your private practice. You can also choose to see clients on the weekends or after hours if your work schedule permits this. You must remember, however, that you will not be able to continue working full time as an employee and part time in private practice for very long or you could wear yourself out. This is simply a stepping stone to building a successful private practice.

The transition from full time employee to private practice practitioner will also be determined by your position in your career. If you have recently graduated, you might want to consider becoming a full time employee so that you can gain a sufficient amount of experience before going into private practice. This might also help you to build connections with colleagues and other professionals who can make referrals in the future.

There are those physiotherapists who choose to move directly from full time employment to their private practice but this option is more uncommon since it takes a lot of start up capital and planning. It is important, however, for these practitioners to keep their connections to colleagues in the industry as these are great sources of referrals.

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