Business Premises

Choosing your business premises can be a tricky task. You will want to choose premises that are ideal for your practice, without paying too much or being tied to one that will not suit your needs in the future.

Different practitioners will have different needs. If you simply need one consulting room then you have work from home. You also have the option of renting or purchasing premises.

Chosing to work from home

Many people choose to work from home when they first open their private practice. This option can provide you with many benefits if you choose to make use of it instead of choosing to rent or purchase a property.

You must be careful, however, that this option won’t negatively affect the area surrounding your property (i.e. if you have many visitors). If you are renting, there might be restrictions on using the property for business purposes.

Choose to provide a mobile service

There are many physiotherapists who choose to start their private practice by offering a mobile service. This service does not require the use of premises and it means that your costs will be kept to a minimum. These are benefits of providing a mobile service: The benefits of providing a mobile service are:
  • It is cheaper to set up a mobile service and you won’t need to make expenses purchase with regards to equipment.
  • Patients will find it more convenient to be treated in their homes.
  • You will probably be charging the same as you would with a session in a clinic and you can raise this cost to cover your travelling expenses.

Renting a room

Many physiotherapists choose to rent a room within a gym, serviced office or a therapy centre.

Renting a room will provide you with flexibility and it will be up to you to choose whether you want to rent it by the hour, by the day or by the week. This means that you won’t have to rent it out full time and you will be able to save on costs.

When you rent a room, your utility rates will usually be covered in the cost. This means that you can cut down on expenses.

By negotiating commissions with your landlord, you might be able to save on expenses and only pay for the room when you are using it.

Opening a physiotherapy clinic

Opening a physiotherapy clinic is the preferred option for many physiotherapists. The freedom that comes with opening a clinic means that you can expand on your practice as much as you want but you will have to ensure that you have the necessary capital to begin this venture and the starting and running capital will be very high.

A good business plan is imperative if you want to open you own practice.

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