Benefits of private practise

A New Challenge

Starting your own business is a big challenge and it is something that you can really get excited about. During the initial phases of the start-up process, you will have to spend a lot of time brainstorming, creating and overcoming obstacles and with each success you will find a new sense of pride in your skills. It is almost impossible to get bored when you open your private practice as you will be constantly faced with new challenges.

Personal satisfaction

By opening a private practice, you are realising a dream and assisting others in leading healthier lives. This challenge might be a demanding one but it is also filled with financial and personal compensation.


Opening up your own private practice will provide you with autonomy and independence. You won't have a boss to answer to and it will be up to you to decide when you want to work and the clients that you want to work with.

A great stressor in work places these days is the fact that employees are unable to control their work environment, including when and how they work.

Private practice allows you to control every aspect of your work environments and this means that you get to decide what services you want to offer, the kind of patients you want to work with, the quality of the service you provide and the process of your business.

Linking your efforts to your rewards

When you work for a company or someone else's business, your earnings usually remain the same, no matter how hard you work. When you open up a private practice, your earnings will be directly related to your earnings. It doesn't matter whether you work 2 days a week or 7 days a week - the choice will be up to you! If you find yourself in a difficult financial position then you can always increase your work hours to earn more.

Economic self-determination

When you work for yourself, you decide your salary. You will be able to make decisions regarding your hourly fees, the amount of hours you work, how much you want to spend on marketing and how much you want to spend on making improvements on your business.

Flexible work schedule

When you open a private practice, you will be in charge of your working hours. You don't need to stick to the rigid 8 to 5 working hours and this means that you can plan your schedule around personal and social commitments. Another benefit is the fact that you can take holidays whenever you want to. Being able to commit to volunteer work is another aspect of private practice that many physiotherapists feel is beneficial to them.

Your private practice will be able to fit perfectly into your life stage, whether you are the parent of young children or you need to look after an elderly parent. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to work part time or whether you want to see clients only on the weekends. By choosing a private practice, your time will be your own.

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